belt buckles for men

  • Buckle Up Men But It Doesn’t Have To Be A Bumpy Ride

    belt buckles for men

    Two lessons for you here. One you probably know well enough already. The other you might not because that's just never been you. Unlike the ladies, and this is meant with a great deal of respect (because of course, you are all fine gentlemen), you're not too sold on the idea of shopping, you know, shopping until you drop. Of course, if you don't buckle up properly, your fine pair of trousers is going to drop.

    The lesson you need right now is to spend just a bit of time online shopping for those customary belt buckles for men and there you go, that wasn't so hard. You never needed to walk into a mall boutique and because you're shopping online, you only need a few minutes before you can make up your mind. Of course, it's great to have a couple of fine buckles ready to lasso you to work but it's no use if you don't have those fine matching leather belts to go with it.

    And while you're just getting a bit excited over these new fandangles, just remember you're still going to need to be practically fashion conscious. Being fashion conscious like the ladies might not be your thing, but at least you are all practical guys. Practically speaking, go in for a neat rectangle (not square) buckle for your formal wear. And then go all out with big, bold square or round, or both, buckles for your weekend gallivanting.

    Almost time to get in your car and enjoy the ride. That's great because that's something you already do very well. You always remember to buckle up before you go driving. It's one thing you like in life, driving out in your car.